LC SWIFT Format: Field 43P (Partial Shipment)

Field 43P (Partial Shipment) is an optional field. The presence of this field would depend on the trade agreement between buyer and seller. Partial shipment is, in simple words, delivery of an order in two or more consignments, if allowed and mutually agreed upon by both parties, buyer and seller. The seller has the advantage to ship any quantity or amount lesser than the original order or as indicated in the LC in few shipments until fully delivered to the buyer.

For example, if the amount indicated under field 32B (Currency Code, Amount) is USD10,000.00, the seller may ship the goods worth of USD 3,000.00 in the first shipment, second shipment, USD5,000.00 and third shipment USD2,000.00.

Seller should always request that the LC specify whether partial shipment is allowed in order to avoid unexpected problems. In case partial shipment is allowed, the validity of the LC will not be affected even if a problem arises in meeting the delivery date. The total shipment of USD10,000.00 must be fully delivered within the expiry of the LC.

Under this field, either one of these words:


should be indicated. If ‘NOT ALLOWED’ is indicated, the seller is to ship the whole order in one shipment only. The word ‘PROHIBITED’ sometimes is used instead of ‘NOT ALLOWED’.

var dc_AdLinkColor = ‘orange’ ;
var dc_UnitID = 14 ;
var dc_PublisherID = 30476 ;
var dc_adprod = ‘ADL’ ;


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