SWIFT Format: Field 45A

Field 45A (Description of goods and/or services) is another optional field. However, in commercial LC, this field is always presents. This is where the goods purchased by the buyer are described as well as indication of trade term used.

The description of goods should not be so excessive and complicated. Although this field provides 100 lines with 65 characters (alpha numeric) per line, but traders are always encouraged to describe the goods as brief as possible.

LC does not guarantee the buyer will receive the goods he ordered. This is not the function of the LC, in short, LC does not guarantee the goods. It serves no purpose at all by excessively describe the goods to the last details.

For example, if buyer is buying cell phone parts of various models and colors for various brands, they need not necessarily be described model by model, color by color or brand by brand in the LC.

It is sufficient to indicate for example, ‘…cell phone parts as per pro-forma invoice no 1234 dated 4th February 2008’. Attach a copy of pro-forma invoice with the LC application form and submit to the issuing bank. This pro-forma invoice will be used as a reference for the issuing bank to examine the documents tendered under the said LC.

The trade term used or agreed upon by both parties must also be indicated in this field e.g., FOB, CIF, CPT.


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